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April 26, 2007

Statewide Poll Shows Support Growing for Additional Accountable
Highway Funding to Aleviate Gridlocked Roads

Voters cite lost time and stress as two largest “traffic tax” effects
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Reno, NV – A recent statewide poll found 47 percent of likely voters support additional taxes and/or fees to address the state’s increasing problem of highway congestion.

Nearly two-thirds, 64 percent, of those surveyed were aware of the state’s $3.8 billion shortfall in highway and road construction funding. And 47 percent of voters surveyed said they would favor an additional 25-cents-a-day in taxes and/or fees to save 10-20 minutes in “rush hour” traffic every day. Twenty-nine percent would oppose those tax and/or fee increases.

“These poll results show that voters are aware of the immediate need for additional transportation funding and they are willing to pay for a better quality of life that includes less stress and time in traffic,” said Stan Goodin, Chairman of the Nevada Highway Users Coalition.

There are two highway funding proposals currently working through the legislative process in Carson City. The revenue programs outlined in the original version of SB324 would equal about 25-cents a day for each Nevada driver.

The NHUC Poll, conducted by Research 2000 from April 16-18, surveyed 600 likely voters who vote regularly in state elections and included a margin of error of +/- four percent.

Voters surveyed identified “lost time” (31 percent) and “stress” (29 percent) as the single most important factors regarding highway construction.

About the NHUC: The Nevada Highway Users Coalition (NHUC) was formed to advance the rights of Nevada’s residents and visitors to travel on safe, reliable public roads; for the efficient transport of goods and effective public safety; and to hold government accountable for ensuring financing is transparent, motivated by public good and dedicated to transportation purposes. NHUC’s Chairman is Stan Goodin.


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